SMART SCALE Round 4 HRMPO Project Updates

In coordination with regional planning partners, the HRMPO submitted 5 and the CSPDC submitted 1 transportation project applications to the SMART SCALE grant program for projects within the HRMPO region. The full applications are due on August 17, 2020. The projects are listed below and the project sketches are available HERE.

Harrisonburg/ HRMPO - S. Main Street Safety Improvements

Install median on South Main Street from Stone Spring Rd/Erickson Avenue to just south of Mosby Rd; Install sidewalk on east side, same extents; Addition of 3 bus shelters

Harrisonburg/ HRMPO - I-81 Exit 243 Interchange Treatments

At US-11 & Covenant Drive: widen SB approach & receiving I-81 on-ramp for dual left; reconfigure and widen I-81 off-ramp to provide dual left and expanded storage; install sidewalk on west side from truck stop to Weavers Flooring Ped signals at Pleasant Valley Road

Harrisonburg/ HRMPO - Bluestone Trail Extension

Trail extension from Stone Spring Rd to new high school, plus an additional 0.5 mile to the south. The project is mostly on city-owned property and will need a bridge over Blacks Run and the parallel railroad.

Harrisonburg/ HRMPO - Port Republic Rd Corridor Improvements

Project adds a traffic signal, including signalized crosswalks, at the Port Republic Rd/Bradley Dr intersection. Port Republic Rd will be widened to create a WB left-turn lane. Sidewalk and bike lane will be reconstructed. A 3’ wide concrete median will be constructed along the entire segment between the Bradley Dr and Devon Ln intersections. A channelizing island will be added at Hunters Rd/Port Republic Rd intersection to prohibit left turns.

Harrisonburg - Port Republic Road Turn Lane and Sidewalk

Project extends the EB Port Republic Rd. left turn lane at Bluestone Dr. from 100' of storage to 300'. Road widening and sidewalk reconstruction on the north side of the road. About 450' of 5’ wide sidewalk will be constructed on the south side of the project. A median will be constructed in the functional area of the intersection.

Harrisonburg/CSPDC - North Main Street Sidewalk

Install sidewalk on east side of N Main St from Holly Hill Dr to Vine St (same as TAP application)

Harrisonburg - Pear St/Erickson Ave Modified RCUT

Project creates a modified RCUT at the intersection of Pear St. and Erickson Ave. as an alternative to a warranted traffic signal. 3 out of 4 left turns, as well as the through movements on the minor approaches are redirected to signalized U-turns. A 2-phase signal will be added at the new U-turn location. A bulb-out design at the new U-turn will accommodate buses. Marked crosswalks will be provided at the Pear St intersection, including a pedestrian refuge and RRFB to cross Erickson Ave.

Rockingham/ HRMPO -  Mt. Crawford Exit 240 Park and Ride Expansion

Expansion of the existing Mt. Crawford Park and Ride at I-81, Exit 240

Rockingham - Smithland Road (Route 720) Widening

This project would widen Rt. 720/Smithland Road between US-11 in Rockingham County and Rt. 718 in the City of Harrisonburg (approx. 0.8 miles) to add a minimum 4-ft shoulder and increase lane width from 10-ft to 12-ft where possible. The existing 2-lane roadway has a 20-ft typical section with no shoulders or rumble strips.


SMART SCALE is a program that distributes transportation funds based on a transparent and objective evaluation of projects that will determine how effectively they achieve statewide transportation needs. To view the latest information on proposed changes to SMART SCALE, click on the presentation by VDOT Assistant District Planner, Brad Reed here. The Commonwealth Transportation Board took action on these changes at their February 14-15, 2020 meetings.